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July 29, 2019

7- Day Launch

Launch Starts at 6AM EST

Eric is an UP and COMING STAR who can bring some heat and is only going to get better and better. This is a guy you want to build your relationship with. It's like he came out of nowhere! Keep an eye on him!

Bill Hugall - Super Affiliate

Steven knows a thing or about beating the odds and I've even asked him to co-author my new book. He is a killer marketer who really knows his stuff!

Kevin Harrington - One of the Original Sharks from Sharktank

Want to see $2.59 EPC? How about $3.13 EPC? 

That's what Eric's and Steven's Most Recent Launches Achieved Respectively Yes, Really!

The Software That Gets Your Customers

Results Like These

This Changes Everything...

There aren't very many products that can do this.
Boost OptIn is designed to:

  • Reach into someone's phone and get them to give you their actual name and their very best email
  • Grab the Real Name and Best Email of Your Customer
  • Track Conversions of Various Opt-in Buttons & Sources (a/b Testing)
  • Redirect to a Trigger Offer
  • Use Google Remarketing Tags to Capture Leads Who Didn't Opti-in On the First Visit


Make As Much As $346.50 Per Visitor!

​early bird pricing: First 4 hours, $22, Next 18, $25 and then $27
for the rest of the launch. After launch, it becomes $97.

Check Out The Sales Video Here

​Here's The Demo Video

Boost OptIn is a brand new product which gets you the very best email leads available. The software is designed to seriously up your email marketing game by grabbing the most coveted email leads of all -- Primary Emails with REAL Names!

$27  |  100% COMMISSIONS

UPSEL​​​​L #1

Put Eric to Work for You

After your customer picks up BoostOptIn, they’re going to need a way to attract leads and monetize them. That’s where this package, which we’re calling Put Eric to Work for You comes in. Your customer gets a set of 10 lead magnets they can give away to build their list along with mockups and done for you squeeze pages. But that’s not all – they also get a 31-day email sequence along with hand-picked Clickbank offers. Plus (and this is where the name comes from) all the lead magnets are taught by Eric. Your customers will have the right to use his name and bank off of his authority to build their lists.

$67  |  50% COMMISSIONS


(Legally) Steal Our Money

Everyone's favorite -- your customers get the chance to leverage our authority and to keep 100% of the commissions. This is ALWAYS a huge seller!

$67  |  50% COMMISSIONS


Profit Without Lifting a Finger

A Complete Package! We install a lead capture page, email sequence, even send traffic and offer coaching to your customers!

$197  |  50% COMMISSIONS

​Email Swipes

​Here's Our High Converting Email Swipes


Subject: There’s a Dirty Secret the Gurus Don’t Tell You

Hey [Name],

There’s a dirty little secret that the gurus know about list building which they (usually) don’t share with their followers. It’s something that leads to very poor open rates on emails and it’s the reason most people lose money in this industry.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about it and how you can solve this problem. The secret is a brand-new piece of software which does something truly astounding.

Talk soon.

To Your Success,

JV Contest

No Minimum!

JV Contest is based on total revenue. Payments will be made within 7 days after the launch ends to allow time for refunds. Any refunds during that time will be used to adjust the totals for prize money purposes.


Don’t Ask Us If  We Recip. Ask How Hard!

Bottom Line: You Hit Us Hard and We’ll Hit You Even Harder!

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